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Personal Collection: Articles

Welcome to my collection of Deborah Kerr articles, interviews and assorted clippings.
So far, the articles are divided into different categories depending on the main topic they deal with. You can also use use the topics/tags to look into the articles. Some articles had photographs and I tried to add them to the transcripts, they are identified with the tag “with pictures”.
Feedback and comments are always welcomed.
Enjoy the reading!

This collection of articles is part of deborahkerr.es

One Comment

  • Kerstin

    Dear Christine,
    firstly thx so much for that wonderful DebKerr collection.
    I am very happy about that being a fan myself since I say her in my childhood years in King Solomons Mines.
    I Like to add an interview with Peter Viertel to your collection,
    but I don´t know how to contact you directly ?
    There is a TV documentation coming up with Peter, which could be finished just before his death in German TV Tele 5.
    It is not released jet and the author announced to write a book as well…
    The Interview is a small extract from that TV documentation where he talked about his Book “Danherous friends” and mentioned Deb on request.
    Looking forward to sending you the file
    Kind regards Kerstin

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