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Hollywood Nabs Deborah Kerr

Not for some time has M-G-M’s top brass had such good reason to indulge in gleeful backslapping as over the recent acquisition of a demure Scottish actress named Deborah Kerr. If only on the strength of her fresh, deft performances in such British movies as Colonel Blimp, Vacation from Marriage and her latest, The Adventuress the 25-year-old British beauty appears to he well worth the fuss.
Miss Kerr, whose early acting career was sprinkled with stints of ballet dancing and bits in open-air Shakespeare productions, was discovered in London in 1940 by Gabriel Pascal, who was visibly impressed with her “spiritual face.” By last year M-G-M’s Louis B. Mayer, who had seen her in Vacation, was so impressed with everything about her that he rushed her to Hollywood to star opposite Clark Gable in The Hucksters. Already L.B., a notably unimpulsive man with money, has staked $3 million on Deborah’s becoming the brightest star in the M-G-M stable.

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