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Still not perfect, but good enough

I can’t believe it took me this long to change the whole thing. And I can’t believe after this long, the site it’s not ten times better! What can I say? Coding is not my thing and wordpress requires much of it. Easy coding but gosh, it takes me hours just to try and remember what it was I was supossed to be doing with some of those commands. It’s even harder trying to remember what you were doing when you can only work on the site on the weekends and you don’t have two free weekends in a row. I had to start from scratch every time I opened the editor.
Anyway, enough with the complains cause it’s finally done! Well, almost. I am still trying to organize it all and I still have to make posts about all the contents that are not yet up. But that’s the quicker thing to do.
Thanks for your patience and understanding and I will go back to sharing those awesome articles you people have sent me in the past and these days soon. So many amazing new things to post…

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