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The Retirement of Hollywood's Great Lady (1989)

Lecturas. 2 Julio 1989 – MARBELLA por Yolanda Dotto
Great actress Deborah Kerr, the woman who enriched North American cinema with her personal elegant British style, currently lives retired in Marbella.  Deborah, who was referred by some as The Great Lady of Cinema, worked with the biggest names of the silver screen such as Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy or David Niven. She was six times nominated for an Academy Award and starred in films as unforgettable as “The Night of the Iguana”, “The King and I” or “From Here to Eternity”.
Recently, we were able to enjoy her elegant manners in “The Grass is Always Greener” with Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum, through TVE*.
The Scottish born actress, first came to Marbella in a trip she did throughout the South of Spain with her husband, the writer Peter Viertel: “We liked it so much that we decided to buy a house immediately” – remembers Deborah- since then she has spent a long time in our country. As she moved away from her work, Marbella became a nicer place to spent her time. Although, she admits that when the heat strikes, she returns to her home in Switzerland.
Deborah, a renowned actress at 67 is able to pick only those scripts she really feels passionate about: “I read lots of script and I think that lots of them should never get filmed”.
Recently she has starred in the television mini series “A Woman of Substance”, but she is taking things easy. “I have already dedicated forty years of my life to the cinema, now I just want to rest”, says Deborah visibly happy with her retirement. “Not doing many things is absolutely charming. Today, I sat at the garden, just to look at all that green and not to think of anything. Although after not such a log time all the memories from my past rushed back to me.”
Deborah has a dreamy past: «I was lucky to work with the most wonderful directors: Fred Zinneman, Elia Kazan and obviously John Huston. I also worked with the greatest men on screen: Clark Gable, Yul Brynner, William Holden, etc.  But above them all, above even my beloved David Niven with whom I did five films, I must place Robert Mitchum. Working with him, for me, was like playing a great tennis match.»
However this mythical past is not a burden for this legendary actress who has grown old with the dignity that belongs only to those in her range: “I already have three grandchildren, the oldest is thirteen, but I still feel young”. And she isn’t bitter for her six nominations without a win: “Thanks to those nominations they remember me. There are other actresses who did win once and now they are hardly ever remembered”.
Deborah Kerr lives happily in her Marbellan home, listening to the birds singing and watching time go by. A time that did nothing but reassure that this actress has been and will always be a great woman: In films and real life.
*TVE: Televisión Española – Spanish TV Channel


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    Basilea, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Nicely done!:) Deborah made me lol when she says a lot of the scripts should never be made!!

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