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Deborah and Lucía (1958) – Translation

December 11th, 1958 –  Spanish magazine Triunfo
By Manuel Castillo
Deborah Kerr - TriunfoDeborah Kerr is once more in Madrid. This is her third trip to Spain, where she has made some very good friends. And above them all, Luis Miguel Dominguín and his wife, Lucía Bosé. Deborah is one of the most important movie actresses of our time and this year she was declared “Best selling female actress” by movie entrepreneurs.
Her arrival to Barajas (Madrid airport) didn’t stir up the usual tumult of journalists and photographers, because there was no warning of her trip since it was a private matter. The kind gentleness of the Scottish actress and the intervention of the always graceful Lucía Bosé, her best friend in Madrid, made possible for us to offer you this article on her stay in our country.
Deborah Kerr and a camera
When you’re writing the praise of an actress is too easy to hide under the cliches. When one has to write praises to Deborah Kerr, then cliches step far away for she is not the usual bombshell of an actress. She looks more like a tourist, and that is what she is when she visits our country. Tall, a little thin, with a freckled forehead under her reddish hair and blue-greenish eyes, when she moves, every gesture makes you believe everything she does, she does with pleasure.
I have only been with her for a few moments, but they couldn’t be anything but pleasant. And I mean it, for not only was I in the company of this wonderful lady but also with two charming and funny people as Luis Miguel and his wife Lucía. Deborah came invited by the couple in what makes her third visit to Spain. The first one was four years ago, when she came to visit Mallorca, San Sebastián and Pamplona… of which she keeps the memory of their landscapes and festivities. Her second trip, she explains herself with tight fists and lips, as if trying to make herself more meaningful:
– I am a “Dominguista“* and I come see Miguel as often as I can. That’s why it shouldn’t be strange that this summer I visited…
Deborah kerr and Lucia Bose
– … in Tudela – helps Lucía. -She loves bullfighting and she can even understand them a little already. She is already thinking about the bullfighting on Thursday.
Lucía Bosé, quite prettily, feminine and nice as usual offers to help her friend out of any linguistic issue and any missunderstanding. But she doesn’t do it in English, or French or Italian, but in the most perfect Spanish. Maybe because like any good wife, she has adapted to her husband’s language and habits. And when I ask Deborah which were her last films before her arrival she tries to translate the titles into Spanish for us: “The Journey”, “The Blessing” (Count your Blessings)…
We must clarify to our readers that Deborah performed next to Yul Brynner in the first one and along Rossano Brazzi and Maurice Chevalier ont he second one.
Deborah Kerr plays with children
Luis Miguel has left the comitee but in his absence we meet Luis Miguel II, a blond little boy of rosie cheeks that became a good friend to Deborah. And next to him, little Lucía is climbing on the skirt of “mommy’s friend”. And it’s easy to see that Deborah must really like children, or maybe misses her own, Melanie and Francesca, who wait for her far away…
Then Lucía Bosé comes down the stairs to take the children and, with the softness of a happy mother says goodbye to them:
– Be good. I will bring you something pretty from Toledo.
And off they go to Toledo in the wonderful car that was already wating by the door. Lucía will be driving today. And Deborah, in her usual easy-going style shows me her camera while she explains: “I want to take pictures as a souvenir. Lucía has told me so many wonderful things about this place…”

* Dominguista: Someone who is a big fan of Miguel Dominguín. I personally am “Deborhista” 😉

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