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Rules and Guidelines
There is a new post with this site’s guidelines and rules for posting images on the gallery. Please take a look and feel free to add any comment that might be useful to improve the website.
I will be making changes on the images posted all through the week, in order to meet the new rules. I’m afraid some will have to be removed. I will save all files to be deleted and offer a direct download before removing them from the site, so all of you who want to keep them can do so.


I’ll be glad to answer any question you may have about this rules and guidelines.

  • You can contact the gallery admins through the “contact” form on the top menu of the gallery.
  • If you are registered, you can contact me by adding a comment on this post – comments are screeened to avoid spam, so even if you think the comment does not appear on the site – I will be notified.
  • Send an email to basilea/@/deborahkerr.es : but change /@/ for @
  • Click on the link “email this author” below.
  • Send a message through the gallery’s private messaging.
  • Post a comment in ANY picture in the gallery and I will get back to you.

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