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Mandatory Walk Out

Translation of “Salida Obligada”
November 8th, 1994 – Diario SUR, Marbella
By Miguel Nieto
Deborah Kerr, the sensational actress who recently  received her well deserved honorary Oscar, ended her retirement in Marbella – where she has been living for the past 25 years – due to health problems. She had to visit “Sanitas” hospital in order to receive treatment for a bruised hand.
Her injuries were not severe and she was only in the hospital for two hours. Later on, accompanied by her husband the scriptwriter Peter Viertel, she abandoned the hospital and went home to their chalet in the Golf Río Real residential.
Despite those 73 years old which cannot be ignored, Deborah Jane Kerr-Trimmer – that’s her real name – is in good health and still has those beautiful cobalt blue eyes that made her famous. Deborah told this newspaper in one of the very few interviews she gives nowadays that she had to live with her image of being a beautiful and cold woman, that in her days granted her a celebrity status.
Since she retired from movies and the theatre, Deborah found solace in her beautufil Marbellan home, a city she feels attached to. She hardly ever leaves her home and she never attends any of the city’s summer social events.
This British actress was born in 1921 and came into show bussiness through a scholarship in Ballet granted in London. She later moved to theatre and her film debut was in the 1940’s. In 1947 she made her first Hollywood film. Her quality as a performer was well established by her six nominations to the Academy Award for her performances in “Edward, my Son” by George Cukor; “From Here to Eternity” with the recently deceased Burt Lancaster; “The King and I”, “Heaven Knows, Mr. Alison” by John Houston; “Separate Tables” and “The Sundowners” by Fred Zinnerman, a film that Deborah was particularly proud of. She was also satisfied with her latest film “The Assam Garden” that was not released in Spain. Deborah Kerr also appeared in other great movie hits such as “Quo Vadis?”, “The Prisioner of Zenda”, “Julius Caesar”, “Tea and Sympathy”, “Bonjour Tristesse” and “The Night of the Iguana”.

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