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Deborah, Peter and her daughter at Costa del Sol

Semana – June 27th 1970

Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol

“Deborah Kerr is in Costa del Sol” – This piece of news came to this journalist through the American director Jean Negulesco – “She is at her home, and there is no phone and there is no road to take you there”. And it was true.
Deborah Kerr was in Marbella with her husband Peter and her daughter Francesca. But her home being on a hill and having a golf course as some sort of garden, was unreachable by any other mean than a long walk. There are no roads and no pathways. Deborah leaves her car parked one kilometer away and from there she hops into a vehicle capable of going through the fields. It was quite difficult to reach her, more so because the actress had expressed her desire of tranquility. However, this journalist persevered: “The whole country has just watched one of your latest successes…” Something Deborah found quite funny cause he was referring to the recent exhibit of “God Only Knows, Mr. Allison” on television, and the film is from 1957.”Ok,” – she replied – “we can talk tomorrow”.
This 1970 Deborah is far more beautiful than the Deborah one can find in “King Solomon’s Mines”, “The King and I” or “The Prisioner of Zenda”. I mean to say, that time shows on her but only to add a softer and more mature touch to her beauty. She is wearing light make up and she welcomed us with her husband Peter Viertel and her eighteen years old daughter Francesca.
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol

– “This is my Spanish house. Look, I have an enormous garden with dozens of gardeners and they all work for free…” She is, of course, joking about the golf curse that surrounds her house. She makes a wide movement with her arms embracing it all and laughing sweetly. She will stay for a short while in this house, then she will go to her home in Switzerland and from there to California. “I travel more than any suitcase, but you must believe me when I say that it is here where I enjoy my time the most”. And it is here that Peter is on his page number 651 of his new novel. Here is where Francesca enjoys her last days of sun before going back to England to finish her studies. Here is where Stewart Granger, Negulesco or the pianist Rubinsten come to visit. “We all decided to meet on this Costa del Sol (Coast of the sun), who named this land so perfectly?”
She is glad that one of her films has been recently shown on the Spanish TV. In it, Deborah plays a nun who must survive along a soldier lost in an island on the Pacific. Deborah, however, doesn’t want to talk about movies. “If we talk films, I can’t help to think I am before a journalist and I want to have a talk with a friend, do you want coffee or tea?” And while she is pouring our drinks, Francesca says that she is interested by Hollywood but she will never become an actress: “Too much work; Too many constraints”. She won’t be a novelist like Peter either: “Too much work; Too many constraints”. Everybody laughs.
Their life in Marbella is about sea and golf in the mornings, reading in the afternoons, reunions with friends in the evenings. They get up early, the house is empty by 9.00 am: Sports must be carried out while the day is still not too hot.
Deborah poses before our cameras with a flirty air. – “I know I don’t look too good in black and white, I prefer color pictures…”
And I know that Deborah has made a great exception by receiving this journalist, but she doesn’t let it show, she is all grace and kindness. Definitely this Deborah Kerr is one fine lady.


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