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Biography is now available
A new Deborah biography by Michelangelo Capua is now available for general purchase through Amazon.com. I have not read any other works of this author so I can’t anticipate whether this will be a good read or not but considering her last (and only!) biography dates from 1977 this new book can only be an improvement.
I am amazed that there is no other biography out there containing her late years and her latest theatre roles. This book is already on my wish list and I am eagger to read it! I would have done a much better job with the cover though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

*Edit: See? I told you I could have made a prettier cover. They should have hired me for this. Ugh.
Order through Amazon:ย Deborah Kerr: A Biography


  • petesbabe

    I don’t know, everybody!! There’s something that makes me nervous about this one. I don’t think it’s authorized, and when I ‘googled’ the author, I couldn’t find anything out about him. I’m going to dig deeper, but I’m not getting excited about it. Something tells me this might be one of those books where “everybody tells who slept with who”, etc., just the thing Deborah herself said she never wanted to be a part of, or write on her own. Who knows, maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I think I’m going to be careful with this.

  • MoonriverandMe

    Oooh! This is so exciting! But then, as the person above me said, not so exciting! I would hate for any biographer to write the type of biog. that she herself was so strongly against! I always think it’s a bit sad that she didn’t write an autobiog. but then she had better things to do. Also, I respect very much that she didn’t want to lay every aspect of her life bare, and I don’t love her any less! (;

  • cuckoo4kitties

    Your cover is MUCH MUCH better!
    Michelangelo Capua is a correspondent for an Italian film magazine and the author of several biographies of Hollywood film stars. Including Yul Brynner, Vivien Leigh, William Holden, and Montgomery Clift. He lives in London.
    I just hope he’s not the sleazy tabloid type writer.

  • violet

    Received the new biography today and glanced over the first two pages. I admit that’s not much to judge a book on, but I was happy to see I wasn’t familiar with a couple of incidents related there. I made a quick riffle of the pages and many of the pictures are also new to me — don’t believe we have them here, but we have so many I could be wrong. There are some lovely ones. I look forward to the weekend when I can give the book my full attention.

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