Filmography fanvids: Reunion at Fairborough

Fourth week, third video. I knew a video a week was asking too much. This time a personal favourite of mine, “Reunion at Fairborough“. There is something so moving about this film… I found the perfect song for it, in Spanish. I thought about using another one but this one combined the soft melody, the slightly sad air and the beautiful and appropriate lyrics so I had to use it. I’ve translated it and added the subtitles to the video so everyone can understand it. I hope you enjoy Deborah and Bob being absolutely adorable in it.

Film: Reunion at Fairborough – Herbert Wise 1985
Featured Cast: Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum
Song: “La Belleza (Beauty)” by Mercedes Sosa
Closed captioned in English (Youtube integrated subtitles)
DOWNLOAD: La Belleza – Reunion at Fairborough Fanvid

Song lyrics:

Cuando la belleza pase // When beauty fades
será bella tu mirada, // your gaze will be beautiful,
será bella tu sonrisa // your smile will be beautiful
y las noches seran claras. // and nights will be clear.
Cuando la belleza pase // When beauty fades
cada beso y cada abrazo // every kiss and every embrace
será un grito de belleza // will be a cry of beauty.
serás bella en mi conciencia // you’ll be beautiful in my mind
Oh mi amor! // Oh my love!
Cuando la belleza pase // When Beauty fades
no habrá más que lunas nuevas // There will be nothing but new moons
y en un círculo de estrellas // and in a circle of stars
brillarás con luz eterna. // you will shine with eternal glow.
Cuando la belleza pase // When beauty fades
te daré lo que me queda. // I will give you all I have left.
Cuando la belleza pase… // When beauty fades…
Cuando la belleza pase, // When beauty fades
quizás no nos demos cuenta. // we may not even notice.
Cuando la belleza pase… // When beauty fades…
quizás no nos demos cuenta // We may not even notice.
Oh mi amor! // Oh my love!
Serás bella por dentro // You’ll be beautiful on the inside
bella en el alma // beautiful in your soul
y en el fondo de mi corazón. // and deep in my heart.

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