Filmography fanvids: King Solomon's Mines

I needed a distraction and I needed a happier theme hence the silly results. A funny fanvid this time! Deborah the adventurer faces the dangers of Africa and the big macho attitude of Allan Quatermain – played by a really tanned Stewart Granger.

Film: King Solomon’s Mines – Compton Bennett & Andrew Marton 1950.
Featured Cast: Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger
Song: “Jungle Drum” by Emiliana Torrini


  • violet

    Omigosh, I can’t believe I was able to log on. I had no luck two days ago — yikes, I’m speechless — well almost. ;0)
    Cris, this is fantastic, looks like you had a lot of fun doing it. I especially like what you did with the co co co co-co co-co (or whatever) parts — very imaginative and clever.
    Great job, Girl.

  • Basilea

    They released a new upgrade for WordPress the other day and I was finally able to install it yesterday. Maybe they fixed whatever was keeping you from being able to log in cause I still have no idea of why that was. 😀
    Glad you liked it!

  • sweetbaboo

    I LOVE THIS! But….help! I want to ‘favorite’ it on You Tube but I can’t find it there – nor can I find ‘Basilea’ although I feel sure I subscribed to you on YT. Am I just incredibly dim – or do you have a different YT username?? (Faith)

  • Basilea

    Sorry! I tend to make things complicated. 😛 When I signed up on YouTube I had no idea I’d end up uploading these kind of clips so I picked a kind of temporary name that now I can’t change!

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