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Radio Interviews (Re-uploaded)

In 1971, Deborah embarked on an american tour with the play “The Day After the Fair”. These are some fan-recorded rare radio interviews she did with her husband Peter Viertel while he was also promoting his latest novel “Bicycles on the Beach”.
Audio quality is not perfect and quite defective in some parts, however, it is worth listening to her talking about her films, her family life and the theatre that she loved so much.

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Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant
Audio Clip: An Affair to Remember
Deborah talks about her nominations and how she would have liked to win (at least once!), the discipline of being an actress, keeping her private life separated from her public life and then she also tells the story of that time at Christmas when she took a ride on the bus and the driver recognized her. (Oh how I love that story!)
On the second half of the interview, she talks about her early days in Hollywood and how they tried to change everybody but her – “they held me back to keep me the lady that they thought I was” – about her resemblance to Lana Turner on those early days and she tells the story of the letter she received about the woman who wanted to know the name of the plastic surgeon that did her nose.  And then they jump into “An Affair to Remember” and tell several stories about it. And – I think it’s Vic Damone – sings the title tune from it. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Duration: 12:51′

Una bicicleta en la playaAudio Clip: Promoting “Bicycle on the Beach”
Deborah and Peter interviewed by a female reporter regarding the bringing up of children, Academy Award nominations (and loses), how much Deborah loved ‘The Sundowners’: “What I enjoy the most is “to make people really believe that you are like that person“.
Duration: 5.30′

rom here to eternityAudio Clip: Promoting “Bicycle on the Beach” with a turn to “From Here to Eternity”
1977 From here to Eternity Interview
Deborah and Peter are shown the famous kiss scene from “From Here to Eternity” and asked their impressions on it. Deborah recalls the sand that got in her clothes and how uncomfortable and long shooting that scene really was. Then they are asked to define the word “Love”.
Duration: 8:12′

Deborah kerr - SeascapeAudio Clip: Promoting “Seascape” in New York, 1975
Deborah is in New York because she will present something and be the hostess or co-host it with henry Fonda (There is some talk about the sexist way of billing these events). On how it feels being famous, if she’d rather be Deborah Kerr or Mrs. Peter Viertel, on how she hates being called Debbie, and she has to select her favourite films and the parts which are more like her, again, she mentions “The Sundowners” and “Tea and Sympathy“. She’s also asked about the film she couldn’t stand. She is even polite about that. She also mentions how she has no recollection of ever making a certain movie or being in a certain set.
Duration: 15:03′

Deborah Kerr - RadioAudio Clip: Promoting “The Day after the Fair” in San Francisco 1973
Deborah is in San Francisco promoting “The Day After the Fair” and she talks about conquering stage fright, returning to theatre after such a long time, and her desire to become a ballet dancer and began performing. Then she makes a confession: She has also cried when watching An Affair to Remember on television! Then she gives her point of view on Hollywood as it was at the time of the interview. I don’t know who the other guest was but he tells a story about some film he was in and then Deborah explains how she manages to cry on stage every night. They move on to an explanation on Deborah’s quote: “Acting plays a havoc on one’s family life” and she fills us in on how is it like when she returns home from the theatre.
This is the interview I uploaded to YouTube only it’s not edited to fit the 10 minute limit. I had only cut out the stories the other guests tell so you didn’t miss that much.
Duration: 12:22′


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