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British Film Institute retrospective on Deborah

The British Film Institute (BFI) will be showing Deborah’s films on its cinema in Southbank, London throughout all of September (and possibly October). The restrospective will cover most of Deborah’s films, some which are not yet available on DVD or any other format, such as “Perfect Starngers” or “Edward, my Son“.
Yours truly has already planned a lovely weekend in town for her chance to see “The King and I” , “An affair to Remember” and “Tea and Sympathy” on the big screen for the first time in her life. That will be so good. I wish I had known about this earlier so I could have also managed to go see “Life and Death of Colonel Blimp” instead of booking my holidays! Oh well.
The selected films for September are:

An Affair to Remember

  • 25 Sep 17:20 NFT1 book
  • 28 Sep 18:00 NFT1 book

Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant star in one of Hollywood’s finest weepies.

Black Narcissus

  • 5 Sep 20:40 NFT2 book
  • 11 Sep 15:50 NFT3 book
  • 17 Sep 20:45 NFT2 book

Powell and Pressburger’s classic about two nuns struggling with their vows and each other’s wills.

Edward, My Son

  • 17 Sep 18:20 NFT2 book
  • 20 Sep 20:45 NFT2 book

A businessman is driven to corruption and cruelty through his desire to give his son the best in life.

The End of the Affair

  • 19 Sep 18:30 NFT1 book
  • 24 Sep 20:40 NFT2 book

A couple embark on an affair against the claustrophobic backdrop of Blitz-era London.

Heaven Knows, Mr Allison

  • 26 Sep 16:00 NFT3 book
  • 28 Sep 20:45 NFT3 book

Deborah Kerr stars as a nun marooned on a desert island with Robert Mitchum’s US marine.

I See a Dark Stranger

  • 5 Sep 15:50 NFT2 book
  • 20 Sep 18:20 NFT3 book

An impulsive young Irish woman tries her hand at espionage.

The King and I

  • 22 Sep 18:00 NFT1 book
  • 25 Sep 13:50 NFT1 book

Hollywood’s colourful and whimsical vision of 19th-century Siam.

King Solomon’s Mines

  • 18 Sep 20:30 NFT3 book
  • 19 Sep 16:20 NFT3 book

A woman searches for her errant husband in this anthropological and zoological extravaganza.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

  • 1 Sep 19:50 NFT2 book
  • 3 Sep 20:00 NFT2 book

A sobering yet amusing lesson on the changing rules of twentieth century combat.

Love on the Dole

  • 1 Sep 17:45 NFT2 book
  • 6 Sep 20:45 NFT2 book
  • 7 Sep 14:30 NFT2 book

A northern mill worker becomes mistress to an older man to rescue her family from poverty.

Perfect Strangers

  • 12 Sep 15:40 NFT3 book
  • 18 Sep 14:00 NFT2 book

A bored couple relish the chance to experience the danger, excitement and camaraderie of the army.

Tea and Sympathy

  • 22 Sep 20:30 NFT3 book
  • 26 Sep 17:50 NFT1 book

A school housemaster’s wife helps a sensitive teenager struggling to fit into a fiercely male environment.

For further information, you can visit BFI website here.
Happy watching!

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  • Jo Botting

    Fans of Deborah Kerr in Catalunya might like to know that the Filmoteca in Barcelona is showing Love on the Dole next week: 15th June at 8pm and 16th June at 5.30.

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