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Unknown magazine – Clippings series (Incomplete)

Unknown magazine. 60’s.

Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete.

Deborah at the beachDEBORAH KERR, like Ingrid Bergman before her, won a place in the heart of the public as a ladylike, regal human being who would never in the world violate an Emily Post dictate, let alone one of the commandments. This star won this place by virtue of the movie roles which were given to her-nuns, society matrons, teachers. She always seemed above reproach in the movies. And the public accepted this image of the woman. Now there is growing disillusionment with Deborah, who is actually an attractive, statuesque, lady-like actress who has recently found herself bogged down in a marital scandal that, considering the real personalities of those involved, was forseeable by those close to Deborah.
Many have compared the Case of Deborah Kerr with the Case of Ingrid Bergman. The similarity between the two women in many respects is striking: each is beautiful, cultured, well-educated, possesses good manners, was born in a country where women are regarded by outsiders as sexually cold, is a devoted mother and and-perhaps most significantly-each has portrayed a nun on the screen so convincingly that the public attributed nun-like qualities of virtue and chastity to them that spilled over into their real lives. These images were so real to many fans that when indiscretions of the actresses showed publictly, the image of Joan of Arc (In Bergman’s case) and the nun in Miss Kerr’s case were besotted, which infuriated fans.
In her “nun movies,” Deborah played a nun so convincingly in “Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison,” that not even movie reprobate Bob Mitchum could bring himself to seduce her even though they were on a desert island and Miss Kerr’s nun did fidget for Mitchum beneath her habit but her virtue saved the day. A veteran producer stated the case very simply when he said, “A nun just can’t get caught fooling around.” Obviously, Deborah is not a nun, nor has she ever pretended to be one, except on screen. Still, she is a lady and has always behaved like one. How then did she get into her present mess?
She was born in Scotland in 1921. Her parents were well-to,do, proper folks and they raised her with due regard for the morals and manners then in vogue. She attended ballet school, intending to be a dancer but soon joined a repertory theater which she decided was “more fun and besides I didn’t want my legs to bulge with muscles.” Her face and stage presence didn’t elude the movie scouts who quickly signed her for a part in Shaw’s “Major Barbara.” After three more films she played a nun in “Black Narcissus” and was a star in America as well as England.

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