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1974 Radio Interview: Seascape Promo

Another radio interview re-upload, this time split in two 10 minute files.
Deborah is asked if she knows about “The Bottoms” which she does (but I don’t) and then they move to her family life and how involved with performing they are. She talks about her growing up, briefly, and then she tells about her mother’s reaction to her performance in “Edward, My Son”. She gives some insight into stage fright and the thrill of walking up on stage before an audience. Then there’s “I first thought I’d be a ballet dancer… – a belly dancer? – Baaaaallet dancer!” Fun. She goes into how it is to work with her husband – Peter wrote the play – and how she wouldn’t yell at him. And sounds truly shocked at the idea that she might.
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Duration: 7:35′


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