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Always a happy surprise when I find new movie releases online. Makes me all mushy inside to think someone might discover Deborah for the first time… Someone might re-discover a film they haven’t seen in ages… Someone out there is as crazy as me and simply enjoys to collect them all adn has a new one!
Those of you in America have “The Grass is Greener” come out in Blu-ray next month. Oh, how I love that movie. Brilliant script! And you get a Deborah/Cary/Mitchum triangle. Could it get any better? Well, it does. Funny Jean Simmons is in it too.

Deffinitely on my top 5 Deborah movies. Can’t wait for the europan Blu-ray. Sad that one lives on this side of the ocean…
But then, we Europeans get “Prudence and the Pill” on DVD. Not a favourite of mine but my copy was a very old, very poor TV recorded VHS-turn-to-DVD copy. And half of the movie was damaged and was in black and white so, yes, I have already ordered it. Not the best script but Deborah was particularly pretty in this one. She would probably hate that I say that. Oh well… they can’t all be good, can they?

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  • Carole Egan

    Deborah and I wrote to one another for 47 years. I joined a fan club for her when she was here making “The Sundowners”. I started to send birthday and Christmas cards and finally we started to write to one another. I met up with her twice in Sydney when she came to do the play “The Day After Fair” in 1979. She was an amazing woman and I loved her dearly. Unless you have known her, people cannot believe what an impact she had on the lives she touched. Even when she was busy she found time to answer letters and cards. I have always tried to keep her memory alive. I will never forget her. Special people like her only come along once in a lifetime.

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