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Always a happy surprise when I find new movie releases online. Makes me all mushy inside to think someone might discover Deborah for the first time… Someone might re-discover a film they haven’t seen in ages… Someone out there is as crazy as me and simply enjoys to collect them all adn has a new one!
Those of you in America have “The Grass is Greener” come out in Blu-ray next month. Oh, how I love that movie. Brilliant script! And you get a Deborah/Cary/Mitchum triangle. Could it get any better? Well, it does. Funny Jean Simmons is in it too.

Deffinitely on my top 5 Deborah movies. Can’t wait for the europan Blu-ray. Sad that one lives on this side of the ocean…
But then, we Europeans get “Prudence and the Pill” on DVD. Not a favourite of mine but my copy was a very old, very poor TV recorded VHS-turn-to-DVD copy. And half of the movie was damaged and was in black and white so, yes, I have already ordered it. Not the best script but Deborah was particularly pretty in this one. She would probably hate that I say that. Oh well… they can’t all be good, can they?

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