About the articles

Through the years I have been collecting any pieces of information on Deborah Kerr that I could find. I have a collection of articles, film reviews and interviews that I thought I could share with other fans.
The material I’ll be posting was written by professionals of the media through a time span of more than fifty years. Asking for their permission to add these articles here is virtually impossible, however, I will remove any piece that offends the rightfully owner instantly.  I also wish to state that I am not making any profit on these articles and I am only sharing them as a way to celebrate the life and career of this brilliant lady.


All contributions to this site will be welcomed under my supervision in order not to have duplicated articles or simply inappropriate material. If you wish to share any piece of news or printed material, please, leave a comment and I will contact you.
Comments on the articles will also be highly appreciated.

Article Translations

I have several articles in different languages and I will try to translate them into English, as well as having the English ones made into Spanish. I don’t know how long that will take but I will try not to take too long. So far, I can manage with Spanish, French and Italian articles.

Site Credits

This is a wordpress powered blog . I have edited all the images used throughout the site. All the images used in the articles are scans from the original magazines they were printed in. I tried to fix the imprefections and whenever possible, improve their image quality so don’t ask for better scans, this is as good as it gets.

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