Media files


On the audio.

Finding audio interviews of Deborah is not an easy job. On those I found, I tried to clean up the sound as much as I could, however the audio quality is not perfect. All files are .mp3 compressed unless otherwise noted.
You may find here some radio plays or book adaptations for radio broadcasts and the 1974 interviews. As usual, contributions of any kind are welcome.
I don’t have much information on where or exactly when the radio programmes were recorded. Information on them will be highly appreciated.
There are currently six radio interviews that can be found here: DEBORAH AND PETER RADIO INTERVIEWS
And some radio plays that can be found here: RADIO PLAYS

On the video.

I no longer host video clips of Deborah on this site since YouTube makes that task much easier for everyone. I might share a link of a clip here and there and those can be found under the Video category or through the video tag.
There are however, two full films uploaded to an external server (steeker) ready for download. TV movie “Witness for the Prosecution” and TV play “Ann and Debbie
I will only share clips of films or media currently unavailable for purchase. Deborah’s films are worth every cent they cost!

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