I must apologize for not providing a set of rules to clearly guide our contributors on what is and is not expected of them sooner. I will also try to give simple uploading instructions for the gallery and a quick “how to…” for all visitors. These are the first ones that came to mind, so I might add new rules and information if I think it’d be useful.

On Site General Behaviour.

It is expected of all fans to honour Deborah’s own manners and grace and try to behave accordingly. Requests, questions and comments must always be polite. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” never hurt anyone. 😉

Uploading images.

How to upload an image?

To upload an image you must be a registered user of the gallery.

  1. Use the link on top of the page that says “Add File”.
  2. Indicate how many pictures you will upload. (max. 10 files from your computer or 3 images from an URL)
  3. Choose the files you want to upload.
  4. Add title, description or keywords and place them in the right album.
  5. A moderator will have to confirm your upload before it is visible to others. After that…
  6. You’re done!

Registered users can upload their Deborah pictures as long as they abide to these simple rules:
If you’re going to upload a photo, please check the album you’d be putting it into first and see if the image you wish to add has already been added by another user. It doesn’t take that long to just scroll down through the thumbnails but it takes a long time to moderators to screen all new uploads just delete repeated pictures.

  • If you have a higher quality version of an already posted image, you may upload it. It would be nice if you’d indicate so on the description or with a comment, so a mod can delete the previously existing file.
  • Users who repeatedly post duplicates, will be warned and eventually banned from the site.

Sometimes there are two images that look the same but they are not exactly the same. We all love to see as many pictures of Deborah as possible but sometimes, one image will suffice.
(*)Occasionally, if you think the two images deserve to be present, please indicate so on the description of the photo when you upload it, and why do you think it is relevant to keep both files. Like in this case:
Mods here are understanding human beings. 😉
I know I sound like a dictator but I have limited space and resources and I think they’d better be used for completely new/different photos.
I have no desire to have the site shut down by a violation of image copyrights. Professional photo sites (wireimage, corbis, etc.) offer medium quality watermarked images free of charge for personal use, so please, let’s not abuse the system and keep the watermarked images to a minimum.

  • If coming from a series (an event or a photoshoot), choose the best one and only post that one only.
  • If there’s already a similar picture posted which does not have a watermark, do not post a watermarked one.

I really don’t want to just completely ban all watermarked shots.
I can understand that sometimes we really liked this one photo that we could not win on eBay. Or this one great shot that was too expensive. However, it is not so nice to see a big red notice over Deborah’s face informing us of the sale. There are tons of beautiful pictures in the gallery and we intend to keep them coming. Using our resources to host images that are less than perfect is not such a  good idea.
Users can add their own names, logos or branding to the images they upload if they feel for it. However, it would be desirable that those marks were added in a way that they would not spoil the image too badly. Margins and corners are the most desirable spots for adding a watermark.
(*) Under special circumstances, a branded image can be uploaded if it is a really rare shot and big enough to appreciate. If you think it is, please indicate so in the photo description or with a comment after you’ve uploaded it and the mods will consider it.
Because of the gallery’s fast growth rate and my limited resources, I have decided to set a minimum requirements for the photos to be uploaded.

  • Dimensions: Pictures must have a MINIMUM HEIGHT OR WIDTH of 300px.
    [An image may be smaller that 300px wide but as long as it’s height is over 300px, it is ok. And viceversa.]
    And a MAXIMUM HEIGHT or WIDTH of 900px.
    [Images larger than 900px will be automatically resized when posted]
  • Size (file): Uploaded files cannot exceed 300kb.
    [Please, compress your images according to web standards. A 500px x 900px image that is compressed on .jpg at “high quality” (80%) is good enough to watch and is not over 300kb.
  • Overall image quality: If you are posting a photo you found online, please abstain of doing so if the image is blurry or too pixelated. If you think it’s worth seeing even though it’s a low quality image, say so on the description or with a comment and the moderators will decide.

All the files uploaded are stored in one big folder in my server, therefore, it is impossible for me to locate the original file of any picture in the gallery just by knowing which album it’s in or the title you gave it. It would really help if when uploading a new image, you’d change the file name from “gh6stgdj.jpg” to something that would make more sense, like “deborahandpeterklosters002.jpg”. It is still vague enough not to require a lot of thinking and would really help me when I have to fix a problem with a certain image. It is also useful in case of database crush, because I can automatically use file’s names as image titles in the gallery, but it’s not useful if the file name makes no sense at all. Just a kind request, though, not an imposition.
(*) When uploading the image, you can add a title, a description and KEYWORDS. It would be really great, if you could provide all the information. I am the first one to admit that most of the time I have no information on the images, however, it’s easy to fill in the keywords with relevant data like:

  • who else appears in the picture
  • which movie is it from
  • if it is a particular event
  • if there is anything special about it (is it a funny picture, is she particularly lovely in it, is it an outdoors shot, is she wearing a costume…)

Of course, none of that is mandatory, but the gallery is growing at a fast rate and it would help to keep track of all the files.


I’ll be glad to answer any question you may have about this rules and guidelines.

  • You can contact the galery admins through the link “contact” on the top menu of the gallery.
  • You can contact me by adding a comment on this post – even if you are not registered and you think the comment does not appear on the site – I will be notified.
  • Send an email to basilea/@/ : but change /@/ for @
  • Send a message through the gallery’s private messaging.
  • Post a comment in ANY picture in the gallery and I will get back to you.

I will keep updating these post with other rules and guidelines that may come up later on.
Thank you for your contributions.

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