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    Confessions of a Saint and Sinner

    Movie Life – Somewhere in the 50’s. The saint or sinner question about Deborah Kerr was first raised when stories of her discovery conflicted. One account of her first meeting with Gabriel Pascal, who put her before her first movie audience in Major Barbara, has him saying, “You have a spiritual face-like a lovely Virgin!” The other has him exclaiming, “That hairdo! You look like a fallen woman!” A succession of sweet-and-pure parts — on both sides of the Atlantic — soon settled the matter for her growing public. She is, they figured, a saint. But one day a revolution struck. Deborah’s necking scenes in “From Here to Eternity” had a…

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    Love, Marriage and Me

    By Deborah Kerr (as told to Dick Richards) – Picturegoer, Sept. 22nd 1956 If anyone believes that love and marriage have no special significance or lasting influence on a person’s life and is seeking an argument, then I’m hotly in favour of having one! For, without the love and security – spiritual, not material-that has come from my eleven-year marriage to Tony Bartley, there would be no Deborah Kerr. Or, at least, she would be a very different and incomplete Deborah Kerr. She would certainly not be as pleasant and understanding a person as I hope she is now. Even more certainly, she would not be as good an actress…